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Building Kubernetes Operators

November 17, 2020 4:33 pm Published by

In the past months ad Red Hat I dove a bit into operator development. During learning how to build Kubernetes operators myself I published a quick start article on opensource.com . Using Operator SDK is a good way to kick-start your own Kubernetes operator.

While the post itself is based on an older version of the SDK and usage has changed, you should be able to get such an example operator up and running quickly using this post and a later version of the Operator SDK.

While working on different operators, I wrote down patterns and best practices I learned or discovered in the different projects, which I wrote down on a blog post on openshift.com. The CFP CFP: How to build a Kubernetes operator that doesn’t break production is mainly based on this blog post. If you want to build your own Operator, those two blog posts may help you build an operator that is easy to build, maintain and run.