Kubernetes: Distributing Pods of a Deployment across nodes

Sometimes you need to ensure that the pods of a deployment are not deployed to the same node. To achieve this, you can use the pod anti-affinity and configure it so that pods do not get deployed to pods of the same deployment: This pod anti-affinity definition will not deploy any 2 pods of the deployment onto the same node. During the roll-out, additional pods are created before old pods are removed. If you have the same number of nodes... View Article


I am working as a software developer since I finished my masters in 2013 at Heidelberg University. I started my career in Software Development at SAP SE in Walldorf working on Analytics and Cloud Foundry. In 2019, I decided to leave SAP and joined Red Hat.

At Red Hat, I am working as Site Reliablity Engineer, keeping the lights on for several OpenShift clusters.

To share my passion for high quality code and help learners, I’m mentoring Go newcomers on exercism.io.

I am passionate about Open Source software development, which was one reason for me to move to an Open Source company. You can find some of my work on my github profile.

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