CFP: The CR that goes around in circles

April 13, 2021 1:18 pm Published by

A tale of common pitfalls in operator and CRD design and how to avoid them


This talk is targeted at an audience that already made some experience or interest in designing and implementing Kubernetes operators. The terms Custom Resource Definition (CRD), Custom Resource (CR) and operator pattern should be known to them. For examples that are mentioned during the talk, it is based on the Operator SDK, however most patterns are independent of the framework in use.


When designing and implementing Kubernetes operators, we naturally need to think about CRDs and how a good CRD looks like. While operators often act on existing Kubernetes resources, in most cases we want to build our own objects, which is one of the main advantages of operators: Building and operating on custom types that seamlessly integrate into the Kubernetes control plane.

In this talk we will shed light on some common pitfalls, and share some considerations for designing new CRDs and operators. The goal is to enable everyone to build and run operators that work smoothly and avoid CRs that go around in circles.

Key Takeaways

During this talk the audience will see (1) common mistakes in operator design that lead to behaviors like CRs that never leave the reconcile loop, (2) learn how to avoid them, and discover (3) how an ideal CRD should look like that minimizes the risk of such mistakes.

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This post was written by Manuel Dewald