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Raspberry Pi powered Wifi Pictureframe

March 6, 2019 7:09 am Published by
Some days ago I wrote an post about building a picture frame using a Raspberry Pi. The article has been published on opensource.com. The software to show the slideshow has been written by myself and published on github as I wasn’t happy with all the existing solutions. As they either involve using a GL rendered xscreensaver which was terribly slow on the Raspberry Pi or installing Kodi which I think is kind of overkill, just to get a slide show.
Also I wanted the nice feature of a blurred, screen-filling version of the image displayed in the background. This is not possible using the xscreensaver slide show.
Take a look at it if you are as well looking for a lightweight slide show software and let me know what you think!

    RaspberryPi NAS

    July 27, 2018 7:47 am Published by

    Guest Series at opensource.com

    After my recent first guest article on https://opensource.com the first part of a series about creating a Raspberry Pi based NAS has just been published. You can read it here. There has been a surprising amount of twitter reactions to the article and it seems it also collected more than a thousand visits on the first day.

    Building a network attached storage device with a #RaspberryPi https://t.co/PrNwRsZnjr via @opensourceway by @manueldewald #RPi #OpenSource #FOSS

    — Juha Remes (@jremes84) 24. Juli 2018

    Update: Part II has ben published yesterday, with a similar reaction as the first one. Seems the topic of creating a NAS using a Raspberry Pi for private usage is quite popular. Also, thanks to Jen for editing my articles to make the text more readable.

    Automating backups on a Raspberry Pi NAS https://t.co/mT87JYvVYT via @opensourceway by @manueldewald

    — Jen Wike Huger (@JenWike) 14. August 2018

    Update 19.09.18: the third and final path of the Raspberry Pi NAS has been published. Already in the first 24 hours a big number of tweets and retweets shows that there is some interest in this topic. This part explains how to install Nextcloud on a Raspberry Pi.

    Thanks to the opensource.com team for encouraging me to start writing guest posts! It’s a nice experience to work with you.