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Yesterday, I found this useful model by SpaceFanatic on thingiverse: and wanted to print it, using golden eSun pla (
Unfortunately, when printing on a 60°C print bed with my lulzbot taz 6 (which is the cura lulzbot edition preset for eSun PLA), I recently had problems with the bed adhesion of PLA. The printbed has been cleaned with alcohol before the print has been started.

You can see the problem in the following images of the first print attempt.

Of cause, this is problematic, especially if you are printing two separate parts that are meant to fit together as it is the case in this model.
My first attempt was to increase the bed temperature to 70°C which turned out to be a very bad idea, as the bed adhesion did not increase but decrease. After two to three layers, the print started to move around on the print bed.
The next try was to increase the print bed temperature only by 5°C to a total 65°C and add a brim to the print. 
Here you can see the brim, generated by cura at the top part of the box.
As you can see there is not much space between the outer shell and the inner circle of the model. This made the removal of the brim some more work than just removing it on the outside of a print. But, the final result is satisfying as it stays flatly on the table as you can see in the following images.


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